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With HomeTouch®, your shut-ins won’t feel forgotten.

HomeTouch® can help! Each week, you can send your homebound members a personal package from your church. It will contain two pages printed in LARGE type for easy reading, reminding them of how much they are remembered and loved.
The devotional page includes a thought for the week, a prayer and a short, inspirational message. It includes room for a personal message or signature.
The activity page, important because shut-ins have so much time on their hands, is chock-full of things for shut-ins to do during those long hours of the day. Each activity is based on the Bible or church life.
HomeTouch® helps to fill those long, quiet times of the day in a meaningful way.

HomeTouch® is completely reproducible. We send you the masters for every week and you make as many copies as you need. Click here to view, download and print a FREE sample.

Quarterly newsletter offers extra help for the pastor.

And here’s something more. With HomeTouch® you also receive a quarterly newsletter for the pastor. Each issue provides ideas to keep your homebound folks connected with church life and includes material about the homebound you can use in your church newsletter.

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